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Closed Release 1985 Collection

Amy LevertonComment

Maybe its because I'm a 80's kid, but I love this concept. Closed have been going for a looooong time now: since 1978 in fact, the label was originally started by François and Marithé Girbaud in Italy just two years before I was born so we share a lot of history! Nowadays the company is based in Hamberg but remains a family run business and has been enjoying a resurgence over the last few years, making a name for itself as a contemporary denim brand with an eye on fashion but a reminiscent nod to its 80's past. 

This F/W15/16, they've decided to celebrate that 80's history by releasing the  Archive '85 collection and website. Looking back over 20 years, the collection celebrates the mid 80's decade at Closed, which was the heyday of Girbaud rein. Check out some of the images from that period: fierce or what?!

So how best to capture the spirit of the brand right now than actually use the Closed team within their Archive '85 campaign imagery? To me this gives the collection so much more meaning. And despite having a modern aesthetic, I feel like the spirit of those 80's images are still very much present in the new campaign.

"We want to make the clothes that people live in. Every day. That’s why we work with quality that lasts, and people you can trust. That’s why we make it modern, yet timeless. And that’s why we think the people who wear Closed should know who are the people that make Closed"

Alongside the campaign images and website, Closed have launched videos, introducing various members of their staff, as well as a deep dive into their manufactoring processes and factory, their archive of collection imagery and designs. They're being as transparent as possible, which I believe is becoming increasingly important in today's consumer-facing world. Check out the Archive '85 site for all this info: watch the videos, see the amazing vintage lookbooks and get yourself acquainted with this iconic European brand. Of course, the celebration wouldn't be complete without a capsule range, based off the years of Closed denim and casualwear design, which is available to buy now online for both men and women. I've picked some of my fave items below.

"This Winter we look back at our history with the ‚Archive 85‘ collection – bringing back the iconic denim-styles of Closed from the 80s. With this collection we want to tell people where we come from and even more important – who we are. We think we should get to know each other"