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My Instagram Screengrabs: August

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So we're at the end of the month again and I'm trawling through my screengrabs to re-cap on what I loved over the last 4 weeks. Here we go:

01: samrobertsla deals some shit-hot southwestern

@samrobertsla has some beautiful vintage pieces and the whole feed is gorgeously south-western inspired. I saw this wabash stripe dress (it may be made from an antique stifel fabric?) below the other day and nearly peed my pants! So stunning. They customise and sell one-of-a-kind vintage hats, denim and leather jackets as well as stunning ponchos. Check em out if you don't already know them.



02: FTlonesome are the chainstitchers du jour

Of course I love all chain stitch merchants out there, including the Chain Gang guys, Bliss & Mischief and the beautiful Dirty Needle Embroidery. But FTlonesome have been catching my eye with virtually every post they upload these days. They've worked with the gorgeous country singer Nikki Lane to create her stunning stage costume pictured below, the awesome Traveller Denim that I bumped into a few weeks ago in NY and many others, including First Aid Kit. I need to commission something ASAP!



03: @thaddeusneil's creation for the Woolmark prize project was epic

This image caught my eye time and again on social media during August: Thaddeus ONeil has been making big waves (pardon the pun) on the New York apparel scene for his Surfer Hobo leisure brand. Its sporty, eclectic, very bohemian and focusses a great deal on fantastic fabric use and texture. He recently won a CFDA too: dude done good! So back to this image. He created a 'Kimono Traveller Coat' for the Woolmark Prize that explored the relationship between the water and merino wool.... and it looked half fisherman, half Bijork and 100% fucking awesome. Check out the instagram feed for photos of the construction as well as the final piece. His use of watery indigo is immense!



04: banksy inspires with his new dismaland project

So this new Dismaland venture by Banksy is taking place in my old stomping ground of Western Super Mare, South-West England. I used to attend birthday parties in this seaside town! And yes, its bloody depressing. I have a soft spot for Banksy as he was all over East London in the late 90's and early 200's when I was running around being a student. He's maintaining his kick-ass reputation by continuing to comment on our narcissistic, consumerist, vacuous modern world and unfortunately it just makes me want to visit the park and take photos and post them on instagram. Oops!




05: fairseason's incredible eye for denim

Awitan made me do it! So Brian Awitan intro'd me to the lovely Toni at Fairseason Vintage and I was immediately addicted. They specialise in denim and have a second-to-none eye so I was pretty blown away by all their items for sale on their Etsy Store and their accompanying insta feed. This particular jumpsuit was sold before I discovered them; the one that got away... But they sell some beautifully worn coveralls, rad and retro jackets and some great military and sportswear pieces too. Denim Dudettes Alert!



06: arrowdewilde's star flares

Arrow De Wilde is only 16 and yet I am obsessed with her (just google image search her to see why) She is particularly into a retro, glam-rock vibe and rocks gold and silver leatherette flares, customised denim jackets and anything that the Runaways would be into in the late 70's. This pant below pretty much sums my love for her up.




07: kapital's embroidered century jeans

Of course, the Kapital Century Jeans are old news but I'm loving the imagery thats coming out of the legs store instagram feed at the moment with all the inspirational and unique embroidered accents. I visited that store in March and I can just see the guys getting creative with their embroidery threads. This one below is so good.




08: Branding takes on a whole new meaning with itlco

I love this dude. He's inspiring me to think a little more creatively and playfully about branding. Itleatherco is based in Long Beach and mainly specialises in hand-tooled wallets and leather goods but I've seen some amazing back patch ideas on his instagram feed and wish more back patches could look this way. He's currently stocking at Lot, Stock And Barrel in LA so if you live in the city, stop by and take a look. I love his subversive style and use of cartoon characters. I kinda love everything about this stuff, period!


09 the sartists are my style crush

I've been into Kabelo Kungwane, aka The Sartists for about a year now and I want to do an interview with him soon, so stay tuned for that. He lives in South Africa and photographs himself and his mates basically looking like the most stylish dudes you've ever seen: mixing retro activewear with satorial and timeless pieces to create something that to me, really looks fresh. I first found them through Ouigi Theodore (denim dude and founder of the Brooklyn Circus) and have been following Kabelo and his little scene ever since. I want to know more, do you?



10: hondawgg is my FYF style discovery

So it was FYF Fest last weekend and I went mainly to listen to, and discover new music but of course, I always have my eye out for stylish denim dudes and dudettes. I spotted Honor Hamilton and her boyfriend Mixednutssf wearing some pretty kick-ass denim (see my instagram feed for the outfit) and of course it came to tagging up and I realised that Honor was gorgeous, fun and really into retro denim. So I found myself scrolling her feed, liking every denim outfit for about 20 mins. Mixed Nuts is in San Fran and so am I for the next couple of days so I might drop by and take a look at his store as it looks right up my street too!