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Eat Dust: Go on, EAT IT!!

Amy LevertonComment

I've got to admit, I've always loved Eat Dust, even when Sam and I first saw them at Capsule Berlin back in 2011, they were pretty new and only had a few pieces in those early ranges but their passion for the garments, experience in denim and attention to detail shone through and of course, who could forget that both Rob and Keith have a distinctively cool look, enough to attract me to a stand, pronto.

Season on season the pair have worked further into their core pieces of biker-friendly, rugged n raw denim. They've introduced hand-designed camos, manly tailoring and they more often than not utilise a variety of interesting deadstock wool for their blanket lined jackets. But for SS16 they went further than I think they've gone before in nailing a well considered, thorough story that truly shows off their talent and 'don't give a fuck' attitude.

When talking to them at Jacket Required the other week (see my Denim Hunters round up here) its very clear that the design duo make collections that they love to death, that they would (and do) wear themselves and that they can't find anywhere else. This SS16 collection was based around a strong west coast vibe with a very noticeable 60's surf aesthetic. They designed the allover print, inspired by the famous Budweiser or Marlboro novelty repeats of the 60's. It looks like it contains surfboards and numbers but look a little closer ;-)

There is plenty of rigid deep-tone indigo in the range as the dudes simply build around existing shapes and best-selling styles and much loved fabrics. But I particularly loved these smartened, chino inspired lightweight jeans with subtle nep. The shape and styling, as well as the clean top stitching is really reminiscent of snappy 60's all American chinos or dickies worker pants. The fabric is also used for a sartorial waistcoat vest style that mixes a rugged attitude with more menswear inspired top stitch detail.

The other part of the collection taps a more 70's style and I just love this western chambray shirt with fabric-blocked paisleys and florals and a pearl snap-button front placket. Very Gram Parsons circa 1970. Keith and Rob tapped a beautiful rigid mid-cast indigo to accompany this range, which was really refreshing to see, I'm looking forward to seeing the lads wear those pieces in! 

The killer item in the range, however, was non-denim. This retro leather pop-over lace-up number really caught my attention. Its also available in denim but this heavyweight leather really speaks to the dudes true biker lifestyle. An amazing piece! 

Killer collection guys, and one that I really wanted to call out in a separate blog post. For the rest of my Jacket Required coverage head over to Denim Hunters or earlier in the Denim Dudes blog.