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My Instagram Screengrabs: July.

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Someone needs to invent an app where you can 'pin' or 'evernote' from your instagram feed as you scroll through it. Until that time, if I ever see anything in my feed that inspires me I screengrab it and TRY and remember to look it up again when I have time. So I thought I'd start the month by collating my last month of screen grabs and sharing them with you all. Its a quick and simple post that hopefully you'll enjoy!

01: SAMLEEHELLO and this paper jean:


Do I know Samantha Lee? I'm actually not 100% sure! But if I don't know her I hope some day I will. Her feed is a dream of West Coast living (she's based in SF) and it turns out she's a great artist. Who also hand sews jeans out of paper? I dunno, I got lost in an instagram black hole and found these and now I follow her. The End!



02: Kellouhar and the cover of Elle Girl


Kellouhar is a print designer for H+M who just so happens to be a big lover of indigo so I follow her and we chat sometimes. She's ace and has a very similar eye to me. Instagram peer to peer marketing obviously works as I just bought this magazine for essential reading on the beach on Saturday.  Pictured above is a J Brand jacket and its being modelled by Aya, an up and coming new model as featured on the cover of the August denim issue. I still buy Elle Girl, Nylon and stuff like that when they bring out their denim issues. For me its not always all about Kinfolk, Clutch and Inventory (although I bloody love them too!) 


03: Kellouhar and the Molly Godard Instalation


See what I mean about having similar taste to Kelly? Here's another one I found on her feed. I want to go to this amazing window installation at London's Dover Street Market by the creative designer Molly Goddard. She enlisted her whole family to help, borrowed a ton of canvasses and created this stunning artists studio space in their window. So great! I just got back to London so am going to go and visit asap!


04: Denim therapy pick: ''THE End''


I don't know if I know E.N.D Denim or not but I liked the look of it. I have checked back on Denim Therapy's post and there's nothing to be found except a ubiquitous hashtag. They were discovered at Project NY so I'm going to head to Project Las Vegas in a couple of weeks and hunt them down! I'll find out, its what I do for a living! Watch this space...


05: emma mulholland's smily plant jean


I really like Emma Mulholland and I really like Smilies. So of course I screen grabbed this. Emma does amazingly playful and fun denim, covered with awesome embroideries. Thats all you need to know here really!


06: Hollie Ward on hollie ward


Hollie Ward is a great new denim talent to watch. She weaves her own fabrics and is a general denim badass. Here she was saying thanks to Londonontheinside who did a piece on her and you can also check out Sam Trotman's piece over at WGSN too if you want to know about her. 


07: toogood do denim



I'm a big fan of Toogood's stuff and have been following her for a few seasons now. Her pieces have a denim attitude even when they're not rendered in denim but this piece really grabbed my eye and reminded me to check her latest stuff out. Her feed is pretty awesome too if you are inspired by wash, surface and texture.


08: ponytail journal is inspired by Lyn & Tony


Lauren Yates is everyone's spirit animal right now, the gal can do no wrong! And I have to say that her feed is full of beautiful breakfasts, lots of W'Menswear and plenty of denim inspiration. I have just got to the bottom of this post now. It was a screen grab from a gif created by Lynandtony who have created amazing jewellery from denim. Lauren explains more in her post here. This mask is insane though and I really just want the mask.


08: Tom Gruat's vintage


Bloody hell Tom Gruat's vintage stuff is great. He's a vintage dealer from France and his photos are a joy. I love him because he is very frequently posting indigo and denim pieces. This image above of an 1880's indigo blouse blew my mind though.


10: Samutaro big up Topman Denim FW15


I miss working with Sam at WGSN and always found his eye inspirational. But, hey, I get to follow him on instagram so at least I manage to keep up to date with his findings. We both loved Topman's AW15 collection and its always great to see how they style the pieces up for the lookbook. Strong image!