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Three Animals, One Love.

Amy LevertonComment

Whilst we're on the subject of natural Indigo craft, Ming Yin from Three Animals mailed me the other day about her latest collection and of course, as usual, its pretty beautiful. If you're not familiar with the brand, it was founded by Ming in Paris in  2011 and focusses on traditional craft with a contemporary spin. Over the years, Ming has nurtured a relationship with a traditional Tong Village in southern China, where she has worked with locals on hand woven cottons as well as hand dyed and natural colour. Its her aim to dispel traditional preconceptions around 'made in China' too, which I'm hearing more and more about these days.

With our slogan 'Always keep it with love' we stand for a high quality image of 'Made in China' and we focus on good quality fabric from global sourcing'- Ming Yin

As you can see from the shots below, the village and women who work there are pretty inspirational:

SS16 continues in this same vein, tapping traditional craft techniques alongside a modern approach to design. In 'Etiquette Indigo' Ming explores new textures and weaves and also introduces a natural Caesalpina Sappan red thats again, obtained using all natural dyestuffs. Inspiration comes from the daily life in the Tong Village that Ming has experienced first-hand. Here's how some of the fabrics she created and naturally dyed at the village for both the mainline Three Animals collection as well as the Etiquette Indigo line. This is the indigo:

And here's the Caesalpina Sappan red:

And now to the lookbook, where we can see the final stage of this process: the garments themselves. Its really fantastic seeing the whole process behind the garments and I have to say I do love the collection a lot. Keep being awesome, Ming! Check out more about the brand on the website or the instragram feed.