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Big News!! Cone Launches US Grown Indigo!

Amy Leverton1 Comment

So I had a secret heads up about this back in May at Denim by PV Barcelona, its pretty awesome and exciting news. I'm so relieved I can actually write about it now as I was finding it very hard to keep the secret! Ok, I did tell a couple of people already but you know me, I am a talker! Here's the official news: Cone have produced US farmed natural indigo denim, woven of course in their White Oak plant creating the first 100% American made denim for over 100 years.

Cone will present the heritage White Oak® denim at Kingpins trade show in NY tomorrow and I personally can't wait to see it. The shade looks bright and clear with a gorgeous greenish cast and a simple white selvedge line. The legendary mill are currently celebrating their 110 year anniversary so this launch couldn't have come at a better time.

“This is one of our most exciting developments,” says the awesome Kara Nicholas of Cone denim,  “The celebration of White Oak’s 110 year anniversary made this the perfect time to bring together White Oak’s heritage and authentic selvage denims with new innovation in bio- based natural dyes from plant based - US farmed indigo. As far as we know, this is the first time that natural indigo has been used in scalable production in the United States in over 100 years.”


Cone Denim has exclusively partnered with Stony Creek Colors for the natural indigo dye to create this unique product. Stony Creek Colors are an admirable young company who work with farmers chemists, mills and brands to find a way to produce bio-based and scalable dye stuffs. They have been working closely with Cone on the venture and Cone holds the exclusive rights to their entire US crop of natural indigo for the next several years.

“We are charting a course to develop dyes that integrate seamlessly into existing production processes,” says Sarah Bellos, Founder and President of Stony Creek Colors. “By blending the wisdom of nature with mindful innovation, we are able to create vibrant, high quality bio-based dyes. Cone Denim is known worldwide for its denim innovation making White Oak a perfect fit for the launch of natural indigo denims.”


The first selvage styles will be available for sampling in early August. Kingpins starts tomorrow and I know which stand I'll be heading straight to, I can't wait to see the cloth up close and personal. If you're in New York you should definitely check it out!