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My Instagram Screengrabs: December

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Its the end of 2015! So of course, its time for my round-up of stuff I've got excited about in December. It was an inspirational month!

Stussy x Carhartt WIP

My fabulous denim friend Bex, AKA @noobix_cube alerted me to this latest WIP drop and boy is it a great one. In my humble opinion, Carhartt WIP can do no wrong lately, I was in love with their coated white collection last year. This Stussy colab really taps that 90's trend when workwear and streetwear combined to create something unique. I love where Carhartt are taking workwear and look forward to seeing what else they have up their sleeve for 2016.


This guy seems to make things out of denim. There are plenty of people doing that of course, but I think you'll agree that Kenzi Otani is doing a better job than most! I just love his feed: his letters, numbers and wee creatures are hand stitched and use sashiko remnants, bandannas and smilies. All things I'm VERY into! Thanks Kenzi for brightening my scroll!

Soulland x lee

I loved the last collaboration between famed denim brand Lee and Copenhagen based menswear designer Silas Adler, AKA Soulland. I was hoping another season would emerge and my wishes came true when this minimal capsule hit the Goodhood store in London at the end of November. The patches are actually beautifully woven labels with the word 'NOTHING' woven into them in different languages. Its a great, modernised update to subversive band patched denim.


These guys are based in Vancouver and their sole aim in life is to revive old denim. They deal with mostly Levi's, Wrangler and Lee, creating more modernised versions of you're old favourites. I really love their instagram feed for the ultimate denim inspiration: its classic, all-American and damn sexy. Check out their website for more.


I found these guys just a few days ago. They're based in Berlin and take existing vintage denim to make new in really creative ways. Fade manipulations and patchwork is their thing and although their techniques are handicraft inspired, what they create is pretty modern. Think manipulated silhouettes, 80's and 90's inspiration and a totally unisex, sustainable ethos. Take a look at their instagram and website.

Lico234 has been rocking my insta-world all year and its about time I gave him a shout-out! Looking at his followers and comments a lot of you feel the same way but for those who don't follow him, get involved! I love his eccentric style, his layering of textures and colours and I feel like I know that beautifully cluttered background like the back of my hand now! If I put out Dudes 2, he is at the top of my list to shoot!!!! 

Someone who doesn't have a lot of followers, yet I somehow stumbled across recently, vivivivintage is definitely indigo obsessed. I particularly liked a spell of incessant indigo posting this gorgeous gal went through few weeks ago, showcasing shirts, aprons, dresses and scarves. I want to know more about her but she doesn't caption a lot, maybe someone out there knows her? Vivivivintage, tell me your story!

Boutique Hermitage was discovered through the brilliant Brian Awitan, always a great source of inspiration as well as hilarious nonsense. The feed belongs to a great Osaka based store who sell brands such as Hollywood Trading Company, Carin Wester, Greg Lauren and Stevenson Overalls amongst many many others. Their feed is a joy to behold, capturing that eclectic and outdoorsy western styling that is so perfectly Japanese. Feast your eyes!

Christijay, aka Christie Johnsons is the woman behind fantastic sacred geometry inspired indigo quilting as well as yarn work and embroidery (her skills were used for that fabulous range of Coastwide shirts a few years ago) She even creates embroidered wood pieces that get my heart racing and brass jewellery too so this craft-machine is prolific. Check out her website or her label Mixedcolor for more

Denimandjeans are always posting inspirational indigo imagery and for some reason, this matthewadamsdolan image just struck a cord with me. I'm loving the fringe detail as a move-on to last year's raw hem trend and this jean is a particularly great example. So thank you Denim & Jeans guys for inspiring me!