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My Instagram Screengrabs: October

Amy LevertonComment

Here are my Instagram picks for this month:

Visvim's Kimono Parka


Of course we all love Visvim's innovative yet authentic Japanese design but I was particularly blown away when I noticed this newest piece for AW15 on their instagram feed. Note the hand stitch details on the hem and cuff as well as the on-point nylon and cotton fabric mix. I was in Barcelona last week for Denim by PV and saw so much experimentation with nylon mixes and nylon denims so Visvim prove they're getting it right, ahead of the curve once again.


My trend buddy Robbie Sinclair e-intro'd me to Hugo Costa when he was out at Portugese fashion week. The label has been going since 2010 but this season Hugo's pieces were particularly inspired by indigo cloth and feature degraded and ombre'd surfaces. Check out his instragram feed to see more. 

Phi Denim is a 6 month old denim brand run by three Frenchmen and one Japanese dude. What's interesting is they mostly come from the activewear world. Philippe is a technical outerwear designer, Vincent is an art director, Alexis is a sportswear product line manager and Yukiko is a sportswear apparel merchandiser. All of them are total denim addicts but this combination of sport and denim come together in the unique product. The design revolves around traditional vintage indigo fabrics used as an alternative back pocket and a clean, technician taped seam detail seals the deal (pardon the pun) Nice brand guys!

I met Stylist Hayley Caine through a school friend and loved her playful yet beautifully executed denim jackets right away. She has partnered with her artist boyfriend to create these hand-painted one-off items that are inspired by popular culture icons and executed, tapping the local craftsmanship of hand-painted canal boats of her native East London. Her jackets have been noticed by celebs and fashion magazines alike so expect to see a lot more of this gal.




Kuon Tokyo are a Japanese brand who claim they are going to 'Reinvent Boro' and I'd have to agree with them! Their instagram feed is full of modernised indigo patch and repair as well as some pretty beautiful sashiko stitched shirts, shorts and accessories. The word KUON translates to “eternity”,  “remote past or future”, and “permanence”, something that is increasingly needed in our reality of fast fashion.


I met the fantastic Emiliano Laszlo of Studio Pretzel at October's Global Denim Awards in Amsterdam and was immediately struck by his brilliant execution of contemporary workwear. Although he didn't win the first prize, he was certainly close in the running, due to his use of unisex, timeless pieces, quirky fabric combinations and a strong, East-meets-West aesthetic. Classic chore jackets are given a twist using contemporary detailing and through layering with kimono silhouettes to create something totally wearable but super cool too. Check out his website for more.



More often than not I find inspiration by following somebody down an instagram rabbithole and thats what happened with Josh, aka @the920special. I can't even remember who it was but someone I follow was in love with this guy's style and posted it onto instagram. Somebody else identified him and then I was smitten. What a cool feed: its like a frash version of 1940's Western America. The only way you can tell the modern imagery from the archival photos is the fact they are in full colour. Josh, keep keeping it real!



The dudettes from the Secret Souk are doing some wonderful things. They are travel-obsessed duo Nicole Francesca Manfron and Jasmine Hamid who met in 2012 in Marrakesh and have been working on this unique project ever since. They team with top-notch chefs, interior designers and sommeliers to create pop-up travelling dining experiences all over the world. After a successful stint in NY, they bought their 'Secret Souk' concept to Amsterdam where they teamed with local indigo artists and craftspeople to create an amazing denim den. Check out their beautiful feed on instagram.

The guys from Bonum Japan re-make denim and military garments in an effortless, modern and unique way. Track their instagram feed to see them altering, patching and updating everything from purple-cast chore jackets to classic truckers. What I like about these guys is their modern approach too, for instance these eye-let paperbag jeans above and their patched varsity sweats too.



Cara Marie Piazza's instagram life is a wonder to behold. She specialises in natural dyestuffs using non toxic processes and ingredients. Based out of NY, she also holds events and workshops, spreading her knowledge and techniques on dying with mallow blossoms, pomegranate rinds, iron fillings and madder roots to name just a few of her specialities. The pieces she makes are modern, contemporary and yet super wearable. Her tumblr is pretty rad too. For more info, check out her website.