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I haven't blogged since January!

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I'm a bad person. Eeep.... Living up to my nickname here, what a LAMO! I honestly want to but I recently got bogged down with multiple amounts of travel and ended up thinking that if I DO blog, it has to be amazing and it really doesn't, it can be simple, easy and quick. So I'm starting again!

When Active Meets Denim: phi.

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Jog jeans, jersey denim and high-stretch jegging fabrics are one thing but is there really a brand out there who is nailing the attitude and aesthetic, especially in the mens market? Well, let me introduce you to Phi and you can decide for yourself! These dudes are legit.

Korra: KickstartingThe Indian Denim Scene

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I heard about India through a great denim dudette friend of mine Anu who is Indian but lives in Hong Kong, she sent me Korra's website amongst a few other weavers and artisans and it looked pretty legit. I get sent a lot of 'authentic denim brand' sites and these days, only a few of them really strike me as impressive but Korra definitely did: the brand is founded by four pretty knowledgable individuals: 

Virgil Normal: Go Visit!

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On my June visit to LA, a freelance-friendly brunch ended with a wander up to the crossroads of Virgil and Normal (my fave road name in LA) to discover the latest and greatest addition to this burgeoning neighbourhood, in its first few hours of opening: result!